October 31, 2011

Joan Kenyon



  • Signature Level 3 NVQ Certificate in BSL
  • Signature Level 2 Certificate in BSL
  • Signature Level 1 Award in BSL


My name is Joan Kenyon and I started learning Sign Language in 1999. After completing a Foundation Course I went on to study BSL Level 1 & 2,  and I have  recently completed my NVQ Level 3 with The Fylde Coast BSL Centre.

Initially, I became interested in learning BSL as I have a deaf son,  Martyn, who was 12 at the time and was living  away from home at a deaf school in Newbery, Berkshire. He would come home in the school holidays and became very frustrated as he had learnt BSL at school and nobody in the family signed. That is when I decided I had to learn. I have been involved in our local deaf community on and off for the last 20 years and never tire of watching and learning this amazing way of communicating. Recently I have  become more involved at the BSL Centre and am now fulfilling one of my ambitions by teaching Foundation classes.

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