May 29, 2011

Janice Crossland-Jones

Founder/ Managing director / Deaf qualified BSL tutor / A1 Assessor/ Freelance


Janice Crossland-Jones is a very experienced and distinguished BSL teacher. With over 28 years teaching experience under her belt she has  worked in many different schools, colleges, and universities all over the UK.

Janice founded the Fylde Coast BSL Centre in 2007. Since then, she has helped many students achieve their goals, from learning the basics of British Sign Language (BSL) on our Foundation course to continuing up to a Level 6 NVQ Certificate. The Centre has also been offering Interpreter training since 2014 and will be delivering the new Signature interpreter part 1 and 2 courses with Byron Campbell from 2019.

September 2022 the Centre rebranded to Sign Core BSL Training Centre.

As the Centre has grow, we were no longer solely based in the Fylde Coast and felt the change will help our students present and future identify with our brand in the marketplace.

She has also won several awards for both her teaching and business skills. These include,

  •  2010, Winner of ‘Signature North West Region Teacher of the Year’ award
  •  2011, Nominated for ‘Signature North West Region Teacher of the Year ‘ award
  • 2014, Winner of ‘Signature North West Region Teacher of the Year’ award
  •  2016, Winner of ‘Best UK Deaf Business’ award
  • 2018, Professional Contribution Award  at Signatures Annual Awards, 10 year anniversary.

Janice’s students are also winners. One of her students, Karen Watkin, won the Signature North West Learner of the Year 2011! James Galt won the youngest learner of the year award 2014.
In addition to these amazing acknowledgements of her skills, Janice is also qualified as an A1 Assessor and has become one the leading Directors at Deaf Business Academy.


  • OCR A1 Assessor
  • BSL N.V.Q. (City College, Manchester) Level 4
  • Signature Level 1 Award in Deaf Awareness and Communication
  • CPD BSL Linguistics
  • CPD Sociolinguistics
  • Fire Warden and Evacuation Training with Blackpool Council
  • First Aid
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