February 4, 2011

Assessment Resits


If you have failed any of your Signature BSL Level One Award in BSL, (101, 102, 103). Signature Level Two Certificate in BSL assessments (201, 202, 203). Or Signature Level Three Certificate, (3Ass1, 3Ass2, 3Ass3). Then you can book with our center rather than wait for your college at a later date.

All we need is two/three weeks notice (with payment) and your candidate ID number which can be found on your results slip, or the bottom left hand side of your certificate.

It is also possible to book a one to one session before hand on either the same day or alternatively a few days prior to the assessment to help polish up your signing and also improve your confidence before your assessment.

We also provide mock assessments in preparation for the assessment.

For more information contact us on