Erin Green

Hello! My name is Erin.

I was one of the participants on the foundation BSL course from the 7th of October – 4th of November and I would like to give you positive and honest feedback.

I can say when the course started all the staff at the Fylde Coast BSL Center were all very welcoming and friendly. Myself and the other participants got to introduce ourselves and got to know each other which was really good.

The tutor was really lovely and welcoming and had handout sheets with signs on for the participants to read and practice at home which was really helpful and useful. Also the tutor was really understanding as the majority of participants it was their first time learning BSL and helped go over signs slowly and calmly which was fantastic to see. Nothing was rush or done in such a hurry it was a friendly , calming environment where people got to socialise and learn BSL.

I think the length of the course five weeks and the time of sessions is brilliant as a foundation course. I couldn’t fault anything. It was nice for all of us to graduate the foundation course and build on gaining BSL qualifications in the future. I hope I was able to give you honest and positive feedback. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn BSL to help and communicate with deaf people.