Karen Watkin

The Fylde Coast BSL Centre changed my life.
I have studied Foundation Level to Level 3 and I plan to study futher once I have gained more experience within the deaf community. I have absolutely loved studying sign language as it has opened up new and exciting career opportunities but also I have made some fabulous friends whom I shall stay friends with for the rest of my life.
Jan & Michelle and are absolutely fantastic. Very very encouraging, helpful, friendly yet stern when they have to be to get you to the right level of signing in order to pass your exams. I will be eternally grateful to them for helping me giving me my new life. I have taught level 1 to new students after Jan gave me the opportunity and I have learned so many new skills from this. Thank you Jan.
I have now moved abroad and planning on learning another new signing language but for now I have some knowledge about the deaf community in England which I will take with me and pass on 🙂